Friday, January 19, 2007


Quick update on our lives....

As we type we are stuck in the Redmond Airport because of a system failure with airport computers. Kinda makes you not want to get on the plane. :) So here is what we've been up to lately!

Behind you can slightly see our skinny, sparsley needled and somewhat insipid and anemic "Caleb Brown" christmas tree... named after Charlie Brown himself. We spent Christmas with Ashley's family.

Recently, we both somehow obtained a job for the same company. Caleb will be going in as a consultant, and Ashley will be the "office manager" while we take 90 days to re-work some of the old plans and implement some new ones to get the company running great.

We have also been to Nampa to visit Danny and Jamie a few times, hanging out with their youth. David is real, real cute. Those trips have been real swell!

We are currently still serving with Pastor Casey in Oneighty and helping lead Student Leadership/Service. That is going real swell as well. We are getting ready to go to Generation Unleashed ( in February.

We are still traveling with Deckers as often as we can. This weekend we are going to Ohio to help them run practicum times.

Well, we sure love you all!


SiLjE said...

Just wanted to say, once again, that you are welcome to Norway :D

Ashley, I miss you!

Sir Gregory Scott said...

Hey guys.

I just wanted to say that I love your wedding pictures and since I haven't said it yet:


SiLjE said...

Ashley, yes, I can get Skype if you want to! It would be fun to talk to you again! :) Wow, it's been a year since last time!!

Molly Polly said...

You guys are doing an awesome job with the 40+ kiddies in 180! Woooo!

SiLjE said...

Hi there! I'm sorry I'm so late with my answer, but yes, I would still love to talk to you soon. What time in the day can you be on Skype? Right now time is 1230 pm here in Norway, and I can talk between 5 pm and 11 pm (Norwegian time) during the week, and whenever during the weekends :) So now you know:) Love

Molly Polly said...

A friendly reminder that it's that time again... time for the monthly update!!!