Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Howdy from KANSAS!

Hey Friends and Family!
After a very loooong ride we have safely made it to Olathe, Kansas. There were many sad goodbyes before we left, but in between all the goodbyes we had the opportunity to spend a weekend at the beach get rested before the long trip. It was such a blessing! We had the opportunity to sleep, eat tons of rice and gravy (one of Caleb's favorites) and frolic in the sand.

We also had the opportunity to visit Caleb's family in Halfway, Oregon for 3 days. Yolanda, as always, delivered in the food department...homemade everything and phenom jam for the bread! Yum. Dad and Mom hung out with us and
played a little baseball...great memories, and some good sun. The rest of the family spent a lot of time with us...great talks and good food. Thanks Jen for staying up late and talking to us. And thanks Mel for taking time during the middle of your work night to talk with us. We hope no patients died while you were with us instead of them :) Here are a couple of pictures of some of the bros, and then Dad and Mom with some of the grand kids on a hike up Clear Creek.

The Sunday before we left we preached in 180 for the last time, Ashley talked about redemption and I talked about Jesus...He's really the best and my favorite. We will miss Oneighty incredibly and our amazing pastors and students. On our way out of Bend we stopped overnight in Nampa, Idaho to visit Pastors Danny, Jamie, and David...he keeps getting cuter! They took us to breakfast and blessed us on our way. Friends are great!

We made another stop in Fort Collins, Colorado to visit Caleb's brother and sister in law Mike and Renee Brown. We had a great time playing games and seeing their town. We found out that Ashley was a Texas Hold 'Em ace (she cleaned us all out) and that Renee is an amazing chef! Thanks for the great hospitality!

Mike and Peggy Spedick blessed us so much by letting us use their totally rad beast...er...van to move out east with. We were able to fit every earthly possesion we own in one load...which was nice. We'll enjoy being able to move this way while we don't have kids. Almost every stop we had people (mostly men) wanting to know about the van, how high the lift kit was, what size engine, and on and on. Thanks Mike and Peggy for letting use your van...it was such a blessing...and a comfy ride!

When we got to Kansas we connected with some of the Elders from our new church and they invited us to stay with them until we got settled. We are staying on the bottom floor of a beautiful home of some of the elders in church, Bill and Pat Eveland. We have a gorgeous view of a lake out of our window. It has been a nice place to relax. No tornados yet. :) Our first few days in the office are going well. We are trying to catch up on our sleep, and we are excited and expectant for what God has in store. We miss you!

Thanks for all your prayers and support as we prepared to move. So many of you blessed us in so many ways. Thanks for the new computers, tons of money, more prayers, the hugs, the tears, the laughs, the food, and most of all for being our friends. We love you!


Katie Scott said...

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to see you both before you left. But I'm glad you're enjoying the beautiful views and dancing grass. :)

Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

Oh man I still owe you dinner! I wonder if UPS will accept frozen rice and gravy dinners? I will just tape up the box before I get to the UPS store! Ha ha. They never ask if it contains food, just if it is flammable. Glad you made it safely. Love ya both, In His Name. AW

Elyxis said...

hey guys!!! you sound like you are doing well there so far. how are things? anything exciting yet like 4 gazzilion new salvations? :) I MISS YOU TWO SO MUCH!!! so we are planning our outreach at bend high...so far its doing ok. the school wont sign the papers to let us use the building-they are like putting us off or something, and the church wont sign our business letter thing to get donations or give us the tax id number...but other than that everything is going fine. we desided that we are going to do an above the noise concert and free food and tons of give-aways and all that good stuff. we are going to do one big give-away at the end to make people want to stay there, he he, so yah! i am super excited because each of us get to share our testimony or some other thing during the event...but i get to be on the worship team!!!! whoa whoa yah yah!!! at least thats the plan, so i hope it works out, but thats what i want to do with my life and so being on the worship team for this is kinda like starting that dream now,......... i know, way cool. and prayer in the morning at bend high is going so good... we have be kinda just going at it and not caring what others think about us, even when we do get things thrown at us(which has happened), but it is going so good...it sets the mood for the whole day for me and it definitely has changed the atmosphere in the commons in the morings, thats for sure. we gave out donuts the other day, and people where like kinda suspicious of us like we poisoned them or something, but i think it blessed lots of people. i have to tell you something that happened last week that was really awesome---ok so im a life skills mentor at my school(i help a blind and autistic girl every other d block)but anyways, we were in art, which is the class i help her with and we sit in a seperate room because she kinda gets loud sometimes, and she jsut starts balling her eyes out. i was like, ok whats going on now... so she just started pouring out her heart to me and she asked me the question that every beleiver loves to hear, "why are you so happy, and im not???" so i tell her that im happy because i know Jesus. and then she just stops crying... i think it was more shock than anything and she didnt know how to respond to my answer- she wasnt expecting to hear that! Shelley (the girl i mentor) told me that people are always laughing at her and making fun of her and her family is all alcoholics and she is graduating and whe doesnt know what she is going to do with her life... so all that to say, i asked her if i could pray with her, and she said yes! so i prayed with her... by the end of the block she stopped crying after her 45 minute breakdown. it really showed me how greatful i should be for my family and that i dont have a disability. she said she wanted to be normal and she said she was ugly and it took all that i had not to start crying. im going to keep talking with her about god until she tells me to stop. i think god is ready to do something there! we got the Romans Road to salvation card the other night in 180 and i think im going to read it with her and see what she thinks.
so anyways i gotta go, god bless you both.....sorry this was so long, gods just been doing a lot here so ... peace out!!!

Paige said...

hey guys. I love and miss you very much. Ashley, when you get a chance, gimme a call will ya? -Paige

Corey Blau said...

hey guys this is corey blau im glad you guy's made in one piece love you guys ttyl!!!!!

p.s. hows everything going?

Cassie said...

Hey! You don't know me but you've heard of me.... thru Marc. i'm the cassie person. in any case i found your blog and thought i would let you know that you are both an inspiration, and i'm so glad to know of you... and i'm looking forward to meeting you one of these days when you visit Bend. keep preaching the word. I've listened to enough podcasted 180 messages to know you are good at that!!!
Until all have Heard,

joann renee said...

I was talking with Corey (Bend High--PR's boyfriend) at Blockbuster and he couldn't stop talking about missing you Caleb:). And then he brought to my attention all of the tornadoes occuring in Kansas, so I decided it was high time I check in to see how my world-changing friends are doing...glad to see all is well:)