Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Car, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Friends!

Kansas is sure an interesting place! We have seen more rain and thunderstorms in the last few weeks than we have in our whole lives combined. We bought a car, a Chevy Colbalt, and Peggy Spedick came and picked up her van, driving it back to Bend.
Peggy and I, in front of a huge fountain at the Plaza.
Molly, Peggy, Gwen, Caleb, Ashley, Adriel in Starbucks... Gwen was out visiting Adriel and Molly, and we got to spend a few amazing hours with them catching up on all of our lives!
Although they wouldn't let us take any pictures, we took this one for proof that we saw the Scrolls. It was crazy reading the translations of these thousands of years old scrolls.

Thank you all for your continued prayers as we have been here. We have been gone a little over 1 1/2 months now. We will be back in Bend for a couple days in August, and hope to see you all then! We love you!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Our painting project... almost completed!

We have spent many long nights (some till 4 in the mor
ning!) painting our youth room. It took 5 coats of primer to cover the black , red and blue.... We still have more painting to do (designs and such) and more decorating, so we will show some more pictures when we are done. We had some amazing helpers!

Mark painted all the hallways and down the stairs. This man worked for 14 hours straight!
Here is me (Ash) getting some more primer ready...

Our new friend Brandon... turns out he knows how to do anything, including electric work!
Here is Ray Raya. He helped us so much, and brought all the rad tools to make the painting easier!

One of the girls going on our missions trip- Cela!
Here is Steven, another guy going on our missions trip.
We are excited to be almost done. Brandon has volunteered to do some design work for us (he is an amazing artist), and we are going to build a sound booth. Until next time... We love you guys!

More about our new home...

Here are some pictures of our new "home away from home", our new church! We spend more time here anyhow. :) This is a picture of our new friend Heather, who is also the assistant to our pastor. We really like her and her husband Seth!
Below are a few pictures of our "Fusion" youth room before we painted. About 4 years ago they had a grafitti artist come in and paint. He did a great job, but we sure had to use a lot of paint to cover it up!!!!

My incredible husband Caleb working hard in our new office.
Here is inside our temporary home with the Evelands. It's a rad home!
We are busy but doing great. We have started training our missions team once a week about how to preach, how to lead people to Christ, how to lead them in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and how to heal the sick. We are both being stretched in what we are comfortable with!

We miss and love you all at home!