Thursday, May 10, 2007

More about our new home...

Here are some pictures of our new "home away from home", our new church! We spend more time here anyhow. :) This is a picture of our new friend Heather, who is also the assistant to our pastor. We really like her and her husband Seth!
Below are a few pictures of our "Fusion" youth room before we painted. About 4 years ago they had a grafitti artist come in and paint. He did a great job, but we sure had to use a lot of paint to cover it up!!!!

My incredible husband Caleb working hard in our new office.
Here is inside our temporary home with the Evelands. It's a rad home!
We are busy but doing great. We have started training our missions team once a week about how to preach, how to lead people to Christ, how to lead them in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and how to heal the sick. We are both being stretched in what we are comfortable with!

We miss and love you all at home!

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