Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Car, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Friends!

Kansas is sure an interesting place! We have seen more rain and thunderstorms in the last few weeks than we have in our whole lives combined. We bought a car, a Chevy Colbalt, and Peggy Spedick came and picked up her van, driving it back to Bend.
Peggy and I, in front of a huge fountain at the Plaza.
Molly, Peggy, Gwen, Caleb, Ashley, Adriel in Starbucks... Gwen was out visiting Adriel and Molly, and we got to spend a few amazing hours with them catching up on all of our lives!
Although they wouldn't let us take any pictures, we took this one for proof that we saw the Scrolls. It was crazy reading the translations of these thousands of years old scrolls.

Thank you all for your continued prayers as we have been here. We have been gone a little over 1 1/2 months now. We will be back in Bend for a couple days in August, and hope to see you all then! We love you!


Cassie said...

hey!!! it was awesome and totally scary to talk to Caleb on the phone the other day...and so much fun to read about life in Kansas! I love the pics...nice car and new friends... the chinese man is my favorite =)
have a great day!

tara jean said...

I miss you both! Let me know when you are coming back to visit so i can be sure to be around!

Seth said...

Hey guys, looks like your doing super and I miss ya lots.I'll be back in Bend in just a few days now. I think God might be sending me off to another nation soon so I'm hoping I get the chanch to see you both this summer. Love ya lots. seth

Brent and Virginia Earwicker said...

Look at you and your new lives in Kansas! We really miss you a bunch here, and the open invitation is still open for you to come and visit Uganda. We'd even let you bring some youth (if they're really nice youth - bring ones we'll like a lot...)

Cassie said...

I had a dream about you guys the other night. so i thought i would say hey and tell you that.
ok, bye.

Chloe and lorelei said...

Hello, this is ol' Lorelei---young Lorelei's Mommy...just saying hey. I am blessed to have met you, Bless You Both

call me tommy said...

hey guys... looks like you're doing great work down there in Kansas (great pics)
just wanted to drop you a quick hi!
much love