Thursday, May 10, 2007

Our painting project... almost completed!

We have spent many long nights (some till 4 in the mor
ning!) painting our youth room. It took 5 coats of primer to cover the black , red and blue.... We still have more painting to do (designs and such) and more decorating, so we will show some more pictures when we are done. We had some amazing helpers!

Mark painted all the hallways and down the stairs. This man worked for 14 hours straight!
Here is me (Ash) getting some more primer ready...

Our new friend Brandon... turns out he knows how to do anything, including electric work!
Here is Ray Raya. He helped us so much, and brought all the rad tools to make the painting easier!

One of the girls going on our missions trip- Cela!
Here is Steven, another guy going on our missions trip.
We are excited to be almost done. Brandon has volunteered to do some design work for us (he is an amazing artist), and we are going to build a sound booth. Until next time... We love you guys!


Danny Schulz said...

Good choice on the painting...I'm with you on that one 100%. Now for the glory of God!

Lorelei said...

and sound booths!

Molly Polly said...

You guys are doing awesome!!! And, being the aspiring interior decorator that I am (kidding:) I love the colors!!!!
God BLESS!!!!!
p.s. Ashley, I misssssss you!

Elyxis said...

hey caleb and ashley, this is elyxis again... how are you guys? great i hope! your guy's new youth group rooms look really cool, the way it was painted before was cool too, but it was a little intense i have to admitt, but yah!!! so our outreach is this friday, the 1st. im so excited, we're calling it Ignite the Night. im so excited, again ir you didnt know. this is our chance to show what pure religion really is (pure religion is a series we're getting ready to finish in 180), it's showing love to the broken and the lonely. god has really been faithfull in this and he has opened all the right doors. once it's done, i'll have to send you pictures of the night and all the student leaders. student leadership is going good, alot of people have dropped out, but i believe God has the right people in there right now. today we went to mckay park to pray over the park (thats where we are having our outreach) and it was totally amazing. god was at that park this morning and he really spoke to us all about what his plans are, which is always nice... so anywho, i got to go... God Bless you guys and all your plans... I LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS!!!