Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Roca Blanca

We just got back from a Missions Trip with 13 of our youth to Oaxaca Mexico. There is a place there called Roca Blanca, where a couple named Duane and Sue Kershner have lived for 17 years- raising pastors and leaders, and sending them out to unreached people groups in the mountains of Mexico. This couple is amazing. They have completly given their lives to do what God has asked of them.
This lady gave us some bean tamales. We couldn't figure out what they were till later, but she wouldn't leave till we started eating them.
Here is our team!
Caleb preaching in the village Tiltipec.
A village.
Dramas with the kids.

This is Roca Blanca, where we stayed. Duane made it like a resort for all the people that come to serve.
All the girls...
Caleb with the kids. We saw over 40 first time salvations on this trip, 100s of healings, and many of our youth experienced worship for the first time. God showed up and really suprized us. It would be accurate to say that most of our lives will never be the same.