Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Roca Blanca

We just got back from a Missions Trip with 13 of our youth to Oaxaca Mexico. There is a place there called Roca Blanca, where a couple named Duane and Sue Kershner have lived for 17 years- raising pastors and leaders, and sending them out to unreached people groups in the mountains of Mexico. This couple is amazing. They have completly given their lives to do what God has asked of them.
This lady gave us some bean tamales. We couldn't figure out what they were till later, but she wouldn't leave till we started eating them.
Here is our team!
Caleb preaching in the village Tiltipec.
A village.
Dramas with the kids.

This is Roca Blanca, where we stayed. Duane made it like a resort for all the people that come to serve.
All the girls...
Caleb with the kids. We saw over 40 first time salvations on this trip, 100s of healings, and many of our youth experienced worship for the first time. God showed up and really suprized us. It would be accurate to say that most of our lives will never be the same.


Jesse said...

Sign me up! I want to go!! Sounds like it was an awesome trip, I look forward to hearing more stories, and also to see how the Lord worked in your team. See you soon!!!!!!!!

GG said...

Ashley it is great to see everything you've been doing since the last time I saw you at jamie's small group last summer. It is a blessing to see you are sp happily married and serving.
gina fuqua

Seth said...

Hey this is what we were made for. Why would I want anything else? God is alive and He wants YOU for His Kingdom. Blows my freaking mind. All the glory to His mighty Name.

Cassie said...

awesome pics and great to hear about the trip! keep up the Kingdom work guys! you two are amazing... can't wait to meet you for real!

Joyce Collins said...

The Lord has laid you on my heart a couple of times recently so I had to check in and see what is going on in your life!!! I was in Oxaca 45 years ago! Do thay still have the huge tree(I think they clained it to be the widest tree in the world!)

Aaron said...

Dude you guys rock! Miss ya but its worth it knowing you are now Blessing others all around you and now in another country! Love ya


Leen said...

it's so cool to see people i know out and about in the world- changing it for Christ!
you guys are awesome! keep up the good work! can't wait to see you guys in August.
--much love

Molly Polly said...

Hey! Were we down in Mexico at the same time? You guys took on something big taking a youth group down there- ours was hard enough with "responsible young adults" (kidding :) God did some amazing things on our trip and it looks the same for yours. I finally got my missions trip pictures up. Everyone cheer.
God BLESS you two!!!

Brent and Virginia Earwicker said...

It's good to know you're still striving for accuracy in your testimonies and ministry reports! I think it would be accurate to say we love you guys more than all the potholes in Kampala, and miss you more than we miss chunky ice cream. Have fun being fruitful and multiplying!

Kimberly Nicole said...

Ashley, my name is Kim Doolittle, and I just got back a couple days ago from a trip to Roca Blanca. I am a Spanish teacher at a small Christian school, and we took a team of 11 students down. It was likewise amazing, and I can also say that NONE of our lives will ever be the same. God is doing an amazing work down there! PRAISE GOD!!!