Monday, July 16, 2007

Kansas Adventures

Caleb and Seth back to together again after many months of separation. It was a real swell visit.

The fella's from Oregon were a real blessings and a huge encouragement.

Our new Kansas friends and some old Oregon friends: Charity, Mindi, Jesse, Brandon, Ashley, Seth (Clif lingered just out of view of the camera...but he was there!)

Jesse, Mindi, Ashley, Caleb, Clif, Chris, Shaina

We took a trip to Smith Center Kansas (about 5 hours west from Olathe) to visit Ashley's Grandparents. They are Nazarene Pastors at a church in a town just outside of Smith Center. They took us to all the sites, and fed us incredible food!
Smith Center is right next to the geographic center of the USA.
The smallest church- 4 pews seating 4 people total. :)
Grandpa Keith and Ashley
The whole gang. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the great hospitality and conversations!


Cassie said...

looks like kansas is still treating you right... especially when Bend peeps come visit! i know a million people will want to see you when you are in Bend, but i hope i still get to meet you!

Leen said...

hey- this is for ashley... i have a question for you (or perhaps a few) so you should e-mail me ( or give me your e-mail address.
--much love