Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hawaii and Bend

Our grandparents flew us to Hawaii 2 weeks ago to celebrate with them and the rest of Ashley's family their 50th Wedding Anniversary. We had a wonderful time snorkling, surfing, playing with fishes and great conversations with family! It was also great getting to spend a few days in Bend to see friends (for some reason we didn't get any pictures from Bend!). We really loved spending time with you all! And a big thanks to Seth and his travel buddies for giving us a ride to and from the airport in Portland!
Ashley's dad with his surfboard... :)

Ashley's grandpa at their Anniversary dinner in Lahina looking pretty tough... :)

The fam...
In downtown Lahina on Maui
Beautiful Grandma Helen and Handsome Grandpa Duane... Happy Anniversary!

To our friends and family, we feel like the Lord is moving us on from our time here in Kansas. In responce to what we feel like we have heard in our quiet time with the Lord, we will be leaving Kansas shortly to travel to the next place God is taking us. We are waiting to share where that will be, but we would love your prayers during this time of travel. Thank you! We will have another update soon...