Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Back West

It has taken us a while to update... but here it is! After much prayer we have moved from Kansas back west- this time to Nampa Idaho to be a part of Family Life Church. It was a very hard decision, but we are confident this was the best decision and feel peace about it. Our trip back was great! We stopped in Smith Center KS to see Ashley's Grandparents, then stopped in Fort Collins CO to see some of Caleb's family. After that it was a straight shot to Nampa. It is great being closer to family- only a 4-6 hour drive to see either the Brown's or the Sears's. We are now serving coffee Sunday mornings for church, writing information for new believers in the church, helping out at the NXT, and Ashley is doing the internship here called the School of Excellence for 9 months.
Jake, Megan, and their handsome boys came and visited us on their way through to Boise. We had a great time hanging out with them!
We went to a seminar last weekend with Kevin Conner, the man who wrote many doctrine books that are very accurate and respected. I think he left most of our mouths hanging open because of the information he pulled out of the bible that we didn't know was there!
This is the NXT, the youth church of Family Life Church.

So there is the update! Our 1 year anniversary is today- we have no idea where that year went, but we are excited to see what year #2 has in store! Thank you all for your prayers during our transition- I wish we would have taken a picture of how our car looked on the way back west... we had many people pointing and laughing while they drove by us on the road. :)