Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Friendly Questions concerning Leadership

All this week I feel like I have had conversations with young people about spiritual authority and covering and proper response to those two. For those of you who know me, we could probably agree that I may at times, have strong opinions about what the Bible says on the issue. With the statement "error is truth out of balance" as a premise from which to work, I have determined to turn to the blogging community for possible balance on several issues.
What is the proper response to:
1. known sin in a leaders life?
2. said leader rejecting the Matthew 18:15-18 protocol (and if it is not a senior pastor, the senior pastor doesn't bring correction either...i.e., the sin is overlooked by leadership)?
3. alcohol consumption in the life a leader? (sin? not sin?)
4. leaders who continue in slander and gossip?

Knowing that I may be out of balance on any of the above enumerated, I appeal to you faithful bloggers o' wisdom to come to my aid.

- Caleb

Monday, January 07, 2008

New Home

Here it is! We have an upstairs with bedrooms and a downstairs with a living room and kitchen. We are so excited to have our own place!