Thursday, February 28, 2008

Visit to Bend

We took a trip to Bend for a surprise birthday visit for Ashley's Dad, and saw some great friends while we were there.

After driving through the night, stopping to put chains on our car for the first time, and finally getting to Bend after an 8 hour drive, we decided to start our morning (really afternoon.... but morning for us!) with some great morning devotions and Starbucks, where we also saw Katie Scott!

Then, Ashley spent the day with her mom, and Caleb with his sister and bro in law. After that we spent most of the night with John and Sonja Decker, taking a slight detour to play a game of Settlers of Catan with the Schulz, Earwickers, and a few other folks.

The following morning we went to coffee with Caleb's old small group gang....

...and Kaitlin and Elyxis Morrison! Followed by lunch with the Earwickers and baby Earwicker (no picture, sorry!).

Then got to snag Ashley's brother for a bit in Barnes and Noble.... :)

And after finally got to surprise Ashley's dad for his 50th birthday! Yay! He got a tattoo... he's really the best.

Until next time....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A few adventures...

Here's a break from some fun questions for a few fun stories of things we have been doing.... :)

Our friends John, Christina, and Hannah took us snowshoeing and then fed us REALLY good soup. Snowshoeing is tiring but we had a blast!
At the end of January we went with The NXT up to Generation Unleashed in Portland. We went last year too, but this year was 10 times better. Our youth got rocked, the leaders got rocked, and we all left exhausted. Pastor Russel Evans (from Planetshakers in Australia) was our speaker. The last day all of Portland turned into a Popsicle and they closed down our route back home, so we took a detour through Bend, getting to see Ky Palmer as he bravely guarded 25 pizzas till we came to pick them up.
We both started small groups and they have been going for a couple months now. Ashley's is above (some are missing, sorry if your not in the picture!) Jennifer (far right) is Ashley's co-leader. Caleb is co-leading with John Daurer and a few weeks ago they got to baptize 5 of their youth in John's bathtub. Its great to see the radical change some of our "kids" have experienced these past couple months. We love investing our life into them and watching God transform them. It blows our mind every time to see how the Holy Spirit can change lives so drastically, taking them from a life filled with death into true life.

All for now!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Another Fun Question

Oh faithful Bloggers O' Wisdom! My many thanks for not failing me in my last attempt to attain balance admidst a swirl of challenging and too often pertinent questions. Like Moses petitioning God for patience and yet another response, so I come to you. Pleading on behalf of the portion of the generation that often glances my way for wisdom on many and varied issues, I now invite you to join me in the latest quest for popular opinion (Truth is too controversial). The question at hand is this:

If I don't speak in tongues am I baptized in the Holy Spirit?