Thursday, February 28, 2008

Visit to Bend

We took a trip to Bend for a surprise birthday visit for Ashley's Dad, and saw some great friends while we were there.

After driving through the night, stopping to put chains on our car for the first time, and finally getting to Bend after an 8 hour drive, we decided to start our morning (really afternoon.... but morning for us!) with some great morning devotions and Starbucks, where we also saw Katie Scott!

Then, Ashley spent the day with her mom, and Caleb with his sister and bro in law. After that we spent most of the night with John and Sonja Decker, taking a slight detour to play a game of Settlers of Catan with the Schulz, Earwickers, and a few other folks.

The following morning we went to coffee with Caleb's old small group gang....

...and Kaitlin and Elyxis Morrison! Followed by lunch with the Earwickers and baby Earwicker (no picture, sorry!).

Then got to snag Ashley's brother for a bit in Barnes and Noble.... :)

And after finally got to surprise Ashley's dad for his 50th birthday! Yay! He got a tattoo... he's really the best.

Until next time....


joann renee said...

looks like fun. wish i would've run into you while you were in town...maybe next time.

Cassie said...

can we please meet face to face sometime? i think it is slightly funny that:

- i read your blog.. often enough to feel like i know you guys.
- i have talked to Caleb on the Phone
- i have heard you both speak in 180 via podcast
- i've seen you both at Backporch

and yet we have never met... odd.
'till next time!

jonathandy said...

I didn't know you got to sneak a trip to Bend! Uggh, I miss that place with you people.