Thursday, May 08, 2008

Summer's Here!

Open buttons and t-shirts...

Iced Raspberry Mochas...

What are you doing with your summer? Tell all!


jonathandy said...

-Texas in early june.
-Eugene in late june/early july.
-Possible K.C. trip in july.
-Beijing in mid august.
-Little brother-in-law coming to live with us in september.
-Possible meet in Europe in sept.
-Hopeful Boise trip somewhere in there. ;)

Cassie said...

i LOVE the tulips and fish!!! so very creative!

summer is so full of opportunities...which basically means i have 2 things planned; 180 Summer Camp and Diacogiannis Family Vacation!

Elyxis said...

Going to Mexico on a missions trip!!!! YAH! that will be fun... getting a job somewhere, i dont know where yet, maybe summer camp, if i have the money, and then CLC!
how are you guys doing! i havent seen you in forever :)

joann renee said...

What a happy surprise to look at your blog and find TWO posts! Amazing.

Summer for me holds trips to "the valley" to hang with siblings & neices & nephews. As well as the possibility of going back to school to get my Masters degree in teaching, starting the end of August.

Grace said...

This summer I'm going to Mexico in the end of June, and Ecuador in the middle of August until late December! Hopefully I will come back speaking Spanish.. between trips I will be working as much as possible. Good to hear what yall have been up to.