Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Mini Vacation

The beach is wonderful. (sigh...) Whenever I go to the ocean I always think about that verse in Proverbs 8 that talks about how God assigned the sea its limit, so the waters would not transgress His command. That amazes me that it would be deliberate sin if the ocean crossed past its boundaries set by God. Wow. We were blessed with a couple days on the Oregon Coast and time to just get some much needed rest...

(Our dinner one night... Caleb is a great cook!)

After the coast, we stopped in Bend for a few days to say hi to family and for Ashley's mom's 50th Birthday. We surprised her with some unexpected company... her best friend from California, and her cousin. She was shocked! Picture below, from L to R- Jane(Ashley's mom's best friend), Ashley's mom, cousin, and Ashley's Grandma.

And beautiful Bend... All for now!

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