Thursday, August 28, 2008

Size of an Olive...

Name Ideas?


Bondservant said...

If he be a boy I think a good strong name like... "Seth" would be quite Appropriate, Now if she be a girl there is of course only one choice....... "TrulyScrumptious"

Cassie said...

ha ha ha
i like Seth's ideas =)

nicolettebw said...

bart for a boy and barta for a girl. let it resonate.

Lorelei said...

Whether it's a boy or a girl, you know I'm pulling for Lorelei.

kypalmer said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, you people aren't very innovative. How about Geraldine, or Hugo?

Danny Schulz said...

I was going to say Palin. Then I realized the Chris and Sara's baby already has that his middle name! They are called to politics.

Caleb and Ashley Brown said...

How do we all feel about the name "Izbard"? A unisex name if ever there was one.

Elyxis said...

Well, I am not going to say my own name, even though it is quite swell, but I will say something cute like Zoe or Stella or Kaia if she's a girl... dont really have any boy names that i can think of right off the bat that sound good with "Brown" at the end (besides the ones already taken up by current Browns)

Cor and Whit said...

What about Zilpah or Bilhah? Two strong unisex names, if you ask me! :)

dizzi grey said...

i really like the name naming my daughter that someday. if i still like that name

dizzi grey said...

i also like these names

Kamilah (ka-my-lah)
Deidre :)


Brent said...

I think we should really go ethnic with this child since he/she/they are called to the nations. Once you've sought the Lord and know the region, we could either settle on:
1. John/Jenny Brown (North America)
2. Generous/Temptation Brown (Africa)
3. Sadam/Fatimah Brown (Middle East)
4. Jacques/Olga Brown (Europe)
5. Santiago/Rosa Brown (South America)
6. Marty/Darlene Brown (Australia)
7. Ek/Dip Brown (Asia)
Of course I'd also vote for beginning the dynasty with a good Caleb Jr. or Ashley Brown the 2nd...