Sunday, September 07, 2008

September Update

Hey there! We are very excited to be moving in to our favorite time of the year... fall! There is nothing better than pumpkin spice candles (you can tell Ashley is writing this) and seeing the leaves start to change... AND in a couple weeks, we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary! Where did that time go!

We are also excited to be moving well into our 11th week of pregnancy (2 1/2 months). Only a couple more weeks before the nauseousness goes away. Keep checking out the bottom of the blog for details about that.

In the meantime... so far Caleb is winning the battle of the biggest tummy (see below)... and I know you are not really supposed to start showing till like month 4 or something... but I can already tell, and got 2 comments about it in church today...
So we will see! Either way, we are getting more excited by the day!

The Browns... and baby Brown coming soon...


dizzi grey said...

yay! thats so exciting!
(this is deidre btw)

-leen said...

hey guys- congrats on the coming baby- my sister and her husband are expecing their frist too- she's only a months along exciting!

i searched your site for the name of your church and couldn't find it- i have a cousin who just moved to napa to go to the nazarine college there and i was gonna tell her to check out your guys chuch - let me know and i'll pass the info to her (