Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's about time for a life update... or a little past time!

My (Ashley) dad pointed out the other day that we no longer put pictures of ourselves on here, and I had to laugh a little bit... many people had warned us this is what would happen when couples start to have kids... all the wedding pictures come down and all of a sudden its babies everywhere! Well we still have all our wedding pictures on the walls, but our blog got taken over by little feet and cute dotted dresses. :) You have to admit though... she is pretty cute.

Here is a little bit about what we have been up to as the Brown family....

Since having Ady, I (Ashley) stopped my job as receptionist at our church and now gets to stay home with our daughter. Caleb is working as a manager at a little country grocery store called Ridley's Market, and with the rest of his time he is working on the Fundraising team through our church. This year we are doing multiple major fundraisers for the youth, such as a fireworks stand, Christmas tree lot, pumpkin patch, car washes, and sprinkler blow outs before the winter. Caleb's job is to organize teams, communicate with companies, and fix any loose ends so everything runs smoothly. He is a busy guy! On top of all that we are still doing life groups, discipling young people, and running a few other teams with Family Life Church.

In addition to our date night (which is still with Ady since she pretty much sleeps), we now have added a family night (which is pretty much just like our date night since Ady still sleeps, but still good habits to get into!). We love the adjustment from being a married couple to now being a family.

Ady is just starting to smile and make some cute sounds. She is 10 weeks old now, and can already hold herself up standing if we put our hands around her so she doesn't fall. She tries to crawl, but doesn't know how to move her arms which results in a face-plant in the carpet and cries for help. Her dad can get her laughing better than anyone, and she is pretty content as long as she is being held. :) She loves baths, and is starting to get aware enough to pick out her favorite toys... and pretty much just ignore the rest. We will take her to the front row during worship on Sunday's, and she will just stare at the worship team the whole hour or so of worship with her eyes as big as they can get! Kind of distracting to the people around us....

Hopefully a trip back to Bend will happen at some point this summer... we can't wait to show her off to all you Bend crew!

Hope you enjoyed the update!

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Cassie said...

enjoyed the update, and the picture, and especially the part about coming to Bend to show her off!